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Sprogley Dog Waste Dispenser & Bags


No mess no fuss! We have a great poo-poo solution for your excursions with your doggo. This light green Bone-shaped dispenser from Sprogley comes with 2 sets of bag rolls, which contains 15 bags each. These eco-friendly, leak-proof and durable bags are all you need when spending some time on a run or stroll with your best friend. It is easy to clip unto the leash and it is real lightweight too. This easy portable solution will make your next stroll with doggo “a walk in the park”. Go prepared with the Sprogley Bone Dispenser and Bags. Remember to properly bin-it afterwards. Help others to “dodge the doodoo”.

The Sprogley Bone Dispenser and Bags is a fine solution to wrap-up those embarrassing moments when doggo decides to make that undesirable pitstop. The Sprogley Bone Dispenser and Bags is a green plastic refillable dispenser that holds 15 bags and has an opening for quick and easy access. It is bio-degradable, strong and leak-proof. Just clip it to the leash, and you are good to go.

To use, stick your hand inside the clean bag and grab the poop through the bag, then pull back your hand and enfold the waste inside the bag and finally knot the bag tightly. Remember to be responsible: bin it in the nearest bin. You’ll have clean hands. Happy Trails!

What’s in the box
1 x Sprogley Bone Dispenser and Bags


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