About Us

About Us

Royal Pooch Grooming Parlour Fourways Shop

The Royal pooch is a full service pet Grooming spa, pet boutique and Deli in Fourways Johannesburg

Our up market shop and hands on approach will leave you and your pet feeling like royalty every time you step through our door. We offer services and supplies to dogs and cats of all breeds. Our Groomers are carefully selected and have  many years of experience. They are all true animal lovers with a real passion for dog grooming. Our Shampoos and grooming products are all high-end and hypoallergenic, ensuring your pets skin and coat looks and feels beautiful after each groom.


Grooming Salon

  • Having more than one groomer in a salon is especially helpful with difficult or large pets. Some dogs may require two people to trim their nails or there may be a large dog who requires two people to help lift the dog safely.
  • Being able to come and choose food, treats, toys, clothing and accessories from the shop for your pooch.

Mobile Grooming

  • The Mobile groom vehicle comes to your house so no travel time for yourself.
  • This is a familiar territory for your pooch so they will be more relaxed
  • No more trips in the car for pooches that are terrified of car drives, who are car sick, or too frail to get in and out of cars.

Meet Our Team

The Royal Pooch Mobile Unit Team Members

Nicole and Sean (Owners)

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The Royal Pooch Shop Team Members

Zodwa (Our Wonderful Manager)

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Thembi (Shop Assistant)

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Anitha (Head Groomer)

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The Royal Pooch Family

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Discounts offered for 3 or more pets or if you book more than once a month.

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