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PULLER is the dog fitness tool which provide a full physical and emotional workout for your dogs.
PULLER is an innovative dog fitness tool, designed by professional dog experts – each pack consists of 2 rings (except for MAXI which is one ring only). Exercises with PULLER (Running, Jumping, Pulling) provide a daily fitness workout and guarantee a special experience for dog and owners, while building a strong emotional bond with your pets.

20 minute training with PULLER = 5 km running.

PULLER is represented by five different sizes. Therefore, each owner can choose the most suitable PULLER size for any dog type. PULLER is recommended for training with dogs of any breed, as well as with puppies over 3 months old. Jumping exercises are only recommended for dogs over 1-years-old.

NOTE: PULLER is not a chew toy and should be picked up and packed away when not being used.


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