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Pet Eye Cleanse Wipes


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Safely, effectively and easily remove dust, crust, discharge, dirt and irritations from around your pets’ eyes with these wonderful Pet Eye Cleanse Wipes

They flaunt anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-tear stain properties to help assist in the soothing of inflamed eyelids, irritated skin and the reduction of brown tear stains.

But what’s more, these wipes were designed and recommended by South African vet ophthalmologists and eye surgeons. 

  • Designed and recommended by vet ophthalmologists and eye surgeons
  • Ideal to help keep the area around the eyes clean and free of unwanted secretions
  • Helps prevent a build-up of crusty discharge and reduces brown tear stains as well
  • Assists in the soothing of inflamed eyelids and skin irritations (dermatitis)
  • These wipes are non-irritation and flaunt anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties too
  • The pack contains 80 wipes

The Pet Eye Cleanse Wipes™ wipes have been designed and recommended by Dr Chrissie, a specialist ophthalmologist and eye surgeon (Sandhurst Eye Centre) and Dr Antony, a registered veterinary ophthalmologist and eye surgeon (Johannesburg Animal Eye Hospital).

Avoid ingestion by your pet. 
Discontinue use if a reaction occurs. 
DO NOT FLUSH down the toilet – dispose of the wipe in the trash. 
Keep wipes and wipe pounced out of reach of babies, children and all other animals.


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