Montego Karoo Small to Medium Breed Puppy


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Montego Karoo Small to Medium Breed Puppy’s super-premium formulation sustains youthful energy while meeting the demands of a small yet growing body, and laying strong foundations for a healthy, happy future for your puppy. Dog breeds vary in both growth rates and mature weights and feeding a puppy incorrectly could affect their health in several ways, including obesity and malnutrition. So, when choosing a food for your puppy, consider the weight they will be when fully grown.

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1.75kg, 20kg, 8kg

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Rice, chicken, maize gluten, maize, lamb, ostrich, poultry oil, animal fat and vegetable oils, natural flavouring agents, beet pulp, brewer’s yeast, milk powder (lactose reduced), inulin, kaolin, salmon oil, egg powder, salt, encapsulated essential fatty acids essential minerals and vitamins with approved antioxidants.


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