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Copronat Coprophagia Preventative Spray 250ml


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A natural food supplement containing Yucca Schidigera extract (YSE) which has been shown to control Coprophagia and eliminate the offensive odour associated with flatulence in both cats and dogs.

Coprophagia takes place when a dog consumes its own faeces or eats the faeces of other dogs/cats.

The addition of YSE to their diets significantly changes the taste of their faeces. Thus making the faeces unpalatable to the dog eating the faeces. The treatment must be continued for at least six weeks to break the habit of coprophagia.

The emission of foul odours in the household by animals does present an embarrassing problem for pet owners. Although these emissions are normally considered as nothing more than a nuisance by owners, the problem can also be caused by disorders of the intestinal tract. Adding Copronat to the food of cats and dogs significantly reduces the smelly odour associated with flatulence.


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