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CalmEze gel for cats -50ml


It’s a well-known fact that cats do not cope well with change. They get stressed by small changes to their routine or environment. They get even more upset by bigger changes such as the arrival of a new baby, partner or another pet. CalmEze is ideal for such situations and helps cats adjust to the challenges of modern living. CalmEze gel is easily administered by putting it directly into your kittys food or applying it to your cat’s paw. CalmEze is used to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs and cats. In addition, Calmeze stimulates feelings of confidence and a sense of well-being to help pets cope. It is available in tablets or liquid for dogs, and gel for cats.

CalmEze can given to your beloved pet in stressful situations. CalmEzecan be used to relieve anxiety as a result of weaning, separation, kennelling, loss of a fur friend, visiting the groomers, transport to a new environment and fear of travel. CalmEze can also be used long term to help manage behavioural problems. Long-Term use for Behavioural Problems and Medical Conditions
• As an aid for behavioural problems in conjunction with behaviour therapy.
• In multi-cat households where abnormal behaviour is evident. How does it work? CalmEze contains L-Tryptophan which is converted by the
body to Serotonin. Serotonin is often referred to as the feel
good hormone and reduces anxiety and stress.
The efects of L-Tryptophan in reducing anxiety and stress
in dogs and cats is well researched and has been shown to
be highly benefcial in stressful situations.
L-Theanine, which is also present in CalmEze, promotes
relaxation and reduces anxiety.


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