Mobile Grooming

What to expect from a booking with The Royal Pooch mobile unit.

Call or sms us on 0608642694 to make a booking on a day that suits you best – it is advisable to choose a day where there is someone at home most of the day as it is not always possible for a mobile unit to stick to a time slot due to traffic and earlier grooms running late or early.

When our team arrives at your premises they will ask for the nearest outside water tap to connect the hosepipe to and as well as a plug point for their extension cord.

Our team will then collect your Fur babies and begin the gentle grooming process.


  • Your pooch will be bathed using our high end grooming products. Tick and flea shampoo will be used upon request.
  • Dried with a high power dryer to ensure they get dried fast and properly. For those pooches who are terrified of the dryer we will put the speed down and rather take our time, this will ensure they feel more relaxed and at ease.
  • Brushed and styled according to the customers instructions.
  • Ears will be cleaned.
  • Nails trimmed
  • Perfume and powder will be applied.
  • Extra De-shedding will be done upon request.

Your pooch will then return looking super smart, sporting a cute bandana and smelling Furtastic!

Mobile grooming advantages:


  • The mobile grooming vehicle comes to your house so no travel time for yourself
  • This is a familiar territory for your pooch so they will be more relaxed
  • No more trips in the car for pooches that are terrified of car drives, who are car sick, or too frail to get in and out of cars.
  • no unfamiliar noises and other barking dogs.
  • No cage time for your pooch before and after the groom.
  • No more leaving the dog at a shop, which sometimes can take an hour or two.
  • No more sitting in traffic to and from the shop.
  • You don’t have to take time out your day to chauffeur your pooch to and from the parlor, leaving you free to handle other chores or activities.

All Grooming Includes

Long haired breeds includes a trim/tidy up/summer/winter/breed cut on request

Warm water wash with coconut oil based conditioning shampoo

Oral rinse and ear cleaning (plucking if requested)

Eye clean, blow dry and nail clipping

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Discounts offered for 3 or more pets or if you book more than once a month.

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