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Pro Slicker


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Features & Benefits:

Removes moulted hair and knots and tangles for a well groomed finish
Double sided slicker with soft pins on one side and hard pins on the reverse
Flexible brush head for gentler brushing
Directions For Use:

* Ensure your pet’s coat is clean and dry.
* Use the long/hard pin side on dense or knotted areas.
* These pins are designed to get right down into the undercoat.
* For delicate areas, use the short/soft pin side.
* Begin with a soft stroking action to ease through any knots or tangles.
* The innovative flexible head is designed to deliver a gentle brushing experience for your pet.
* Brush vertically with the Pro Slicker handle pointing towards you and downwards.
* Repeat the brushing action so that your arm moves in a circular motion.
* For best results, use Pro Slicker as part of a weekly maintenance routine in conjunction with the Mikki Grooming Comb.


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