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Oral Hygiene Kit


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Mikki Oral Hygiene Kit. Mikki oral hygiene kit provides a gum massager and a brush that fits over the finger, making it easier to reach all areas.

Features & Benefits:

*Includes tooth and gum massager for healthy teeth and gums.
*Specially designed finger brushes for nervous pets.
*Reduces tartar and plaque formation.
*Helps to prevent bad breath and dental diseases.

Directions For Use:

* Wet the brush or massager before you begin and if desired, add small amount of pet dental paste.
* Fit the finger toothbrush onto your finger, ensuring that your pet is as calm as possible before starting the treatment.
* Brush all around the teeth until they are clean. After brushing, massage the gums gently but firmly.
* If your pet does not like you using a finger brushes to clean their teeth, try the Mikki Toothpaste Wipes as an alternative.


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