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Nina Ottosson – Smart Composit Orange


The Nina Ottosson Smart Composit is a level 1 puzzle game that will quicken your dog’s senses and entice his brain activity while leading him to uncover much longed for kibble and treats. It is a perfect boredom buster while keeping your dog from destructive behaviour. The Nina Ottosson Smart Composit has 9 covers which need to be removed for the kibble and treats to be dispensed.

Make sure you supervise your dog while he is engaged in this exciting problem-solving game as no toy is indestructible; remove and replace if damaged. Nina Ottoson Smart Composit is an easy-to-clean product made from BPA PVC and Phthalate free materials.

It is fashioned for all dogs regardless of their age, size or breed.

Nina Ottosson has been creating puzzle toys with different difficulty levels for more than 25 years.

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Is your dog bored inside when it is raining? Is he getting up to mischief? Why not try the Nina Ottoson Smart Composit puzzle today? This enticing game will keep your dog occupied, while it sparks his problem-solving abilities. Help your friend to be mentally engaged and see him become ‘an Einstein’ in no time!


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