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Nina Ottosson – Puzzle ‘n Play Melon Madness


The Nina Ottosson Puzzle ‘n Play Rainy Day cat puzzle is a level 3 puzzle that occupies your cat while stimulating and challenging her mental and physical ability (tip and trick sheet included). Introducing her to this intriguing see- and retrieve-game will charm her into hours of fun; batting at the pegs and swatting at the raindrops, trying to get to where the aroma of the treats guides her snoot.

The Nina Ottosson Puzzle ‘n Play Rainy Day puzzle has 14 hidden compartments to uncover and can take up to a 1/4 cup of food. It is an eco-friendly product made with safe materials (BPA PVC and Phthalate free) and has no removable parts, which makes it safe to play with. Always supervise and teach her how to play for her to get most out of the game.

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Your cat will love the Nina Ottosson Puzzle ‘n Play Rainy Day puzzle challenge. Guide your kitty by the aroma of the treats to forage and nuzzle at the pegs and raindrops to unravel the 14 hidden compartments and retrieve her treats. You can even adjust the difficulty. Make it easier by placing the treats directly into the cups, or increase the difficulty by putting the treats in the holes of the pegs; when your kitty is one of the puzzle-buster-smarty-cats (tips and trick sheet included). Alternate her regular bowl with the Nina Ottosson Puzzle ‘n Play Rainy Day puzzle to make mealtimes more fun, while slowing down the eating pace and creating more healthy habits. Let the fun foraging times begin!


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