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Nina Ottosson – Challenger Slider


The Nina Ottosson Challenger Slider is a level 3 puzzle toy that will stimulate your dog’s brain activity while retrieving his kibble and treat, by sliding the tiles one at a time. The Nina Ottosson Challenger Slider is a good puzzle game to counteract boredom and overcome destructive behaviour by sparking his interest and challenging him constructively. Just pull out the tray, fill the chambers with kibble and treats and slide it back again, and you are set to engage you furry friend in his new brain challenge – which result in a reward.

The Nina Ottosson Challenger Slider is assembled with BPA, PVC and Phthalate free safe materials that are durable and easily cleanable with warm soapy water (after kibble and treats are removed).

Nina Ottosson is a trusted name in the field of educational activity toys and puzzle games for dogs from all breeds, size and ages.

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Has your dog already mastered all the dog puzzle games you have? Are you looking for a more challenging level puzzle? Well, this level 3 Nina Ottosson Challenger Slider is just the answer you need. The Nina Ottosson Challenger Slider consists of a 24 chamber slider puzzle that will keep your clever fur friend intrigued for a while longer. Your dog will love you for this. Let the games begin!


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