Mera Puppy Milk (2kg)


Milk from the female dog is an optimal food for new-born puppies. The concept of the MERA essential puppy milk is based on this knowledge. It contains pure milk protein of high biological value. Carefully selected fats and oils ensure the supply of essential unsaturated fatty acids. The content of vitamins and trace elements round off this balanced supply of nutrients.

With colostrum: A natural way of protecting the immune system

What is colostrum? Since ancient times, colostrum (in other words the first milk of mammals), has provided the highly effective package of active ingredients that are necessary for activating the immune system. This unique natural composition is made up of immunoglobulins (antibodies), amino acids, minerals and many other natural nutrients. Intensive research over the last few years has now made it possible to prepare beef colostrum extracted in Germany, in a way, which preserves its value.

Please pay attention to our preparation and feeding instructions when using this product.

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High-quality supplementary food for puppies.

MERA essential puppy milk is a high-quality supplementary food for puppies and is provided during the suckling period.

Contains pure milk protein with high biological value
With essential unsaturated fatty acids
Contains colostrum: a natural way of protecting the immune system
Balanced supply of nutrients through vitamins and trace elements
Supplement feed for dogs.


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