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Hard Pin Slicker for Thick/Dense Coat (S,L,XL)


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The Mikki Hard Pin Slicker has specially shaped slicker pins which are mounted on an air cushion to enhance grooming action & reduce any excessive brushing force.

The Hard Pin Slicker Brush has a curved back, ergonomic handle and flexi-head to ensure a natural grooming action, enabling the medium length stainless steel pins to work effectively.

The pins are designed to be used with a soft stroking action, enabling the shaped stainless steel pins to ease tangles & matts and remove loose/dead hair from the undercoat, leaving the main coat clean & healthy. Regular grooming will help give your pet a shiny, healthy looking coat.

Features & Benefits:

Removes dead hair from undercoat and top coat
Helps brush out minor knots and tangles
The flexible head gives a more gentle experience for you and your pet
Curved back for natural action
Specially firmed pins
Available in small, large and xtra large
Directions For Use:

* Use gentle stroking actions to allow the slicker pins to ease through matts and tangles and remove any dead hair from both the top coat and the undercoat – leaving the coat clean and healthy.
* Be gentle and careful at first until you are familiar with the action. Remove dead hair from the slicker every few strokes so you get the best grooming results.
* Use the slicker as a weekly maintenance item after removing mass moulted hair with the Moult Master (ideal for all coat types except wool).

N.B. Slickers are not suitable for “corded” coats (Puli, Komodor etc).


Large, Small, X-Large


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