Dermagel Wound Hydrogel 10ml


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The Dermagel Hydrogel Pet Wound Gel will help heal open wounds, burns, abrasions, deep lacerations, bite wounds and overall cuts with the first of its kind for horses, dogs, cats, livestock, birds, reptiles and exotics. This powerful wound treatment helps to speed up the healing process, decrease pain, lower inflammation, minimize scarring, prevent scab formation. It forms a think protective layer over the wound it can be used with or without a bandage and also boasts insect repellent properties to keep pests away.

Dermagel Hydrogel Pet Wound Gel is a great addition to your first-aid kit and a must have in every pet home. Use Dermagel Hydrogel Pet Wound Gel with Dermagel Spray for that ultimate healing result or for harder to reach puncture wounds. The conventional method of wound treatment involved applying gauze and wraps which were thought to protect the wound and speed up healing. Wounds covered with a hydrogel dressing are kept moist without the need for bandaging. Therefore, the skin heals faster, without the trauma of bandage removal and replacement.  It is requested to refer to the package insert and product manufacturing specifications for complete details before using the specific product. Please consult your vet prior to use for adequate and current recommended dose prescription.


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