Do not let your pooch become sedentary during the lockdown

We have come up with 10 ways to keep your fur friends minds and bodies active while indoors:

1 – Scavenger hunts. Hide your pets favourite treats around the house in different rooms and in the garden. Encourage your fur child to follow you around and say to them “find the treats” (remember to always sound enthusiastic and praise your pooch when they do find them). Getting that nose active will stimulate their brain which will help to mentally tire them out.

2 – Hide a treat under a cup. (also fun to play with the kids 😉 ). Let your dog watch as you place a treat under one of three cups. You must then shuffle the cups around and encourage them to ‘find the treat.’ This game gives your dog plenty of mental stimulation, and helps them work on their problem solving skills.

3 – Stuff some of your dogs hollow toys with food. (A Kong or a toy or ball that is hollow inside). You could put their daily kibble inside, or healthy table left overs, doggie peanut butters, fruits and veggies. You can even freeze these toys once stuffed and offer it to your dog as a pooch popsicle.

4 – Play tug of war or fetch with their favourite toys.

5 – Teach your fur friend some new tricks. Some easy and basic ones to start with are, Sit, Touch and Turn. ( will will be posting a video soon on how to teach these 😉 )

6 – Give your pooch a bath and massage. They will LOVE all the TLC. Either towel dry them and then go outdoors and throw a toy or ball to let the sunshine dry them off properly. Or use a hair dryer (make sure its not too hot and keep the speed of the dryer low to make it a fun experience).

7 – Play hide and seek. If you are alone for the lockdown your dog will have to have learned the stay command. If you are with family ask your kids or spouse to hold your dog while the other person hides, then call your pooch to come find you (remember to reward them with lots of love when they do).

8 – Brush your dog daily. This is great for bonding and it will also ensure your long haired dogs are not matted after the lock down and those short hair dogs will shed less (all over your furniture and carpets).

9 – Blow bubbles. Some dogs are fascinated with bubbles and will try to catch and pop them.

10 – Snuggle up and relax on the couch. There is nothing better than a little bit of relaxation. Give your pooch a lot of fuss and tickles and rubs. Talk to them and tell them about your day and what your plans are for tomorrow. (You may look a bit nuts but this is also great way to de-stress yourself especially if you are in lockdown alone).

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