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  • Having more than one groomer in a salon is especially helpful with difficult or large pets. Some dogs may require two people to trim their nails or there may be a large dog who requires two people to help each other lift the dog safely.
  • Being able to book a specific time to have your pets groomed so you can plan your day knowing they will be finished in an hour or two from the booking time.
  • At the shop we are able to give older or stressed dogs breaks during the grooming process if they are not coping with the groom. The groomers can start on other dogs while yours has a break and then start on your dog again once it has calmed.
  • Being able to come and choose food, treats, toys, clothing and accessories from the shop for your pooch, to spoil them with after the groom.
  • Great outing for pooches who love going in the car
  • Can do multiple dogs faster than what can be done in the mobile unit.
  • Can have your dogs done any day of the week as opposed to the day the unit is in your area.

All Grooming Includes

Long haired breeds includes a trim/tidy up/summer/winter/breed cut on request

Warm water wash with coconut oil based conditioning shampoo

Oral rinse and ear cleaning (plucking if requested)

Eye clean, blow dry and nail clipping

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Discounts offered for 3 or more pets or if you book more than once a month.

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